International Schools in Hong Kong

Hong Kong SAR has not only the highest population density of any major global business centre, it also has one of the highest concentrations of education facilities. There are currently more than 70 international schools in Hong Kong, with over 100 kindergartens and childcare centres within the Region.

Such a huge choice often brings with it far more questions than it does solutions, as there are so many curriculums on offer, together with the locations of the schools being so widely distributed throughout the city. The Hong Kong education landscape is confusing, frustrating and expensive.

As a relocating family, the unfamiliar Hong Kong schooling system can appear to be anywhere in the range of daunting to terrifying, especially given that determining the school that is the right fit for your family will influence so many other aspects of your relocation – where should you look to live is an immediate one, while ultimately choosing the right school will help ensure that your family’s relocation is successful and happy.

At Parental Choice Asia, we have the local connections and knowledge to help relocating families navigate this important decision.

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