Admissions Advice

International schools in Hong Kong are autonomous – they are licensed by the HK Education Bureau, but beyond this they are free to set their own curriculum, fee structure and admissions processes. The Hong Kong international schools also tend to be highly selective – demand for places is high, therefore they can afford to be selective in the children that they make offers to.

With the admissions procedures, schedules and fees all being so different, and the school websites themselves often failing to be wholly transparent, Parental Choice Asia can provide extensive, factual advice that allows relocating families to easily compare accurate information on schools.

Parental Choice Asia works with client families to match them to the best schools for them, based on their priorities and needs, and always with the families’ best interests in mind. We are wholly independent and do not receive any incentives to promote particular institutions.

For assistance with your school search and admissions applications, contact Parental Choice Asia