Relocating to Asia

Are you relocating employees and their families to Asia?

Does your relocation provider focus on the specific needs of these families to help ensure the relocation’s success?

Following on from the successes Parental Choice has had in assisting families to relocate both within Europe and within the UK over the part five years, Parental Choice has expanded to offer family relocation and orientation services in Hong Kong and Singapore.

At Parental Choice we know how hard family relocations are because our team of Family Mobility Consultants are all expats with families themselves.

Relocating a family with young children is a significant challenge, with a lack of local knowledge always being an area for concern on the part of the family. Standard relocation packages may help with visas, logistics, provide a rudimentary school search and a referral to a local estate agent.

But families need more information and detail than this. Families need to know:

  • Realistic school options and the various admissions procedures
  • Recommended areas to focus on for real estate searches based on their specific requirements, including the best travel options to get to school
  • Where and how to link into the health system, social networks and sporting communities
  • Local experts for any special needs requirements – special educational needs providers, specialist paediatricians, speech therapists, physiotherapists, immunologists, etc

Contact Parental Choice now and find out how we can assist in your employees’ relocations to Hong Kong and Singapore.

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