Northern Trust & Parental Choice

Parental Choice are experts in childcare, family and individual wellness. We offer a range of services to help working caregivers find long term solutions to support them in balancing their career and non-work lives.

Parental Choice is proud to be working with Northern Trust in both EMEA and APAC regions, supporting Northern Trust’s Partners in achieving effective teamwork and management skills, active communication, trust within the workplace and authentic relationships.


New: Webinar “Caring Matters for Line Managers, August 2019 – Parental Choice Asia for Northern Trust”

June 2019: Webinar “Managing Guilt – Parental Choice Asia for Northern Trust”

Support & Advice – arrange a call with our consultants to discuss all the childcare options available and understand which will be best for your family
Find in-home childcare and support – assistance in recruiting a DBS and reference-checked English speaking professional nanny, or guidance in the recruitment of a Foreign Domestic Helper
Nursery and Pre-School Search – Dedicated nursery search based on your personal requirements, preferred location with availability confirmed
Childminder Search – Find a local childminder who meets your exact needs and is Ofsted registered
School Search – a specific search for a school personal for your child/ children, together with advice and support on availability, admissions and applications
Payroll, Pensions and Contracts – support for employers of nannies to ensure you meet all your legal responsibilities as an employer (applicable in the UK only)
Newsletter – Access to regular updates on childcare updates, parenting news, work-life balance tips
Presentations and Webinars – Tailored programmes of presentations and webinars on a wide range of topics, including parenting, primary caregiving and work-life balance
Relocation – if you are faced with relocation however far afield PC have consultants to support you through the relocation of families throughout APAC, the UK and mainland Europe

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