Relocation Assistance

Finding a new home and moving house is a stressful experience.

To be more precise: finding a new home, moving house, moving countries, finding and settling children into a new school, introducing children to a new life and then re-establishing the minutiae of daily life from scratch – all in a country where you may not speak the language or have any social or cultural reference points? For any family this is daunting, to say the least.

At Parental Choice we know how hard family relocations are because our team of Family Mobility Consultants are all expats with families themselves.

Through hard-won personal and professional experience, Parental Choice is able to provide valuable family orientation assistance to help ensure a family’s successful relocation. Because if the family is happy, the relocation assignment is more likely to succeed.

“I have worked with Parental Choice for several years now, Sarah Jane and her Team have been instrumental in supporting a number of really challenging Talent moves – and were able to provide a level of support and research to both out-bound and in-bound Talent without which I don’t think the moves would have happened. In two cases in particular the move involved senior High Potential female Leaders with complicated family situations. Parental Choice made a direct contribution to the Diversity Strategy.”
Global Head of Diversity, UBS

What relocation services do we offer?

Parental Choice has a unique and bespoke service offering that can be as extensive as required, and can include services such as:

  • School Searches
  • Childcare Searches
  • Guidance on personal banking, local residency requirements (such as how to apply for ID cards, etc)
  • Guidance on hiring in-home childcare and domestic help
  • Guidance on real estate searches
  • Guidance on the local systems – medical, transportation, social networks, children’s activities and sporting clubs.
  • Assistance locating any specialist or special needs services required

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