Nanny Insurance

When employing a nanny it is a wise idea make sure that your nanny has public liability insurance.

Any nanny insurance policy should provide cover in the event of an incident occurring whilst the nanny is carrying out her professional duties. In other words it should cover anything that may happen to the children in your nanny’s care for which your nanny can be held legally liable. If, as a registered child minder, the nanny is held legally responsible for an injury (including death) to a child or third party, or for damage to a third party’s property then she will be required to pay damages. Public Liability insurance covers these damages and legal costs up to the limit of indemnity. I.e. the maximum amount payable by the policy in respect of an insured claim arising from a single cause or event. The typical limit of indemnity is £5,000,000.

Also if you want to employ an Ofsted registered nanny they are required to have public liability insurance.

Who pays the cost of nanny insurance is entirely up to the nanny, who may already have this, and this also depends on the relationship and the situation with you the employer.

In many situations the employer will prefer the nanny to have insurance to obtain Ofsted registration as this enables the employer to benefit from Childcare Vouchers. In some cases the employer offers to pay for the insurance in this instance. For more information on childcare vouchers, click here.

However, it is important for employers to remember that regardless of who pays, it remains the nanny’s policy, and as such, if the nanny were to leave the employer, the policy will leave with them.

If issues arise regarding who should pay for the policy, it is always worth considering splitting the cost 50/50 as both parties will be benefiting from having the insurance in place.

Parental Choice is available to assist you and can refer you to one of our affiliates who can arrange for your nanny to have a bespoke insurance put in place.

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