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    Parental Choice is dedicated to assisting working parents achieve the family life that suits them and their children.

    We have a strong history of supporting families within our home market of the UK, and now have a presence in Asia to assist families with their relocation, childcare and school information needs in the region.

    At Parental Choice, we know how hard family relocations are because our team of Family Mobility Consultants are all expats with families themselves.

    Through hard-won personal and professional experience, Parental Choice is able to provide valuable family orientation assistance to help ensure a family’s successful relocation. Because if the family is happy, the relocation assignment is more likely to be a success.

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  • Relocating a family with school age children is far more stressful and complicated than I realised – but the orientation and school search package from Parental Choice made the process so much more manageable. We were able to focus on making decisions instead of scrabbling around for information to base the decisions on. The kids are happy in our new home, which means we have made the right choice for our family and for our careers.

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    Having relocated internationally a number of times – both with and without children in tow – I can attest that the orientation and relocation assistance offered by Parental Choice is invaluable. While the larger relocation companies excel in logistics, the specialised and highly personalised orientation and school search service offered by Parental Choice allows for a relocation to be a much easier, happier and less stressful experience. It was vastly easier to re-establish ‘normal life’, my husband was able to focus on his new role in Hong Kong immediately and our family has settled into our new home.

    worried son being cuddled by his mother

    I was introduced to Parental Choice by a colleague who felt their unique offering would enhance the mobility support we offer to our relocating employees. Sarah-Jane’s professionalism and passion stood out for me and both qualities are embedded into their company philosophy. Their programs are tailored to the needs of the employees moving – a far more attractive proposition than the rigid frameworks of support provided by competitors. The family units we move now are so diverse that to ensure mobility is a realistic proposition for more of our talented individuals, we need to be agile as a company to compliment this by choosing the right vendors to partner with.

    Thank you very much to Parental Choice for the kind and professional help that you gave me and my children in the process of finding a nanny. I was impressed by the speed with which your team identified suitable candidates for the position and took close account of the specific requirements of the job. They made a potentially difficult situation far less complicated and, having not done this before, helped put my mind at rest from the outset. The additional help Parental Choice has been able to offer with provision of accounting services has also taken the pressure off me.

    I will certainly be recommending your company to friends and colleagues.

    , Private individual who hired a nanny through Parental Choice

    Using Parental Choice for all elements of our search for a nanny, cv review, contract documentation and general advice has been brilliant. It was great to hand over all the hard work to them knowing they were doing everything for me and having complete confidence in them. The team have done a great job for us and as mothers themselves appreciate how little time we have to think about things we don’t know much about and has given us great information at every point.

    I have and would continue to recommend Parental Choice to any parent thinking about employing a nanny as it is so easy and great value for money. Five stars from us!

    , Private individual who hired a nanny through Parental Choice

    I could not be happier with the support and service provided by Parental Choice.
    Over the months I have had numerous questions while trying to understand this very different world I have entered and on each occasion, your team members have been exemplary !
    I am in the hospitality business and so am acutely aware of service.
    Your business is The Ritz of parental support!

    , Private individual who hired a nanny through Parental Choice

    Parental Choice have been instrumental in helping us move a senior female Executive that needed additional support around a family member with Special Needs. Our traditional mobility assistance would not have been able to provide the high-touch value add service. Without which, this important talent move may never have happened.

    At L’Oreal Ltd we are doing our best to support our working parents and enable them to manage a successful work life balance. With Parental Choice we offer our working parents support, information and services that really help our mums and dads. It is a one-stop shops that facilitates with success their individual needs and daily life.